About us

Pro science is the largest specialist PR agency in Poland dedicated to working with the science, R&D, and education communities. 

We operate at the intersection of science, business, and society to foster their communication, much needed for the development of innovation in Poland, Europe, and beyond. We believe that dialogue between these communities is essential and that we can help them find common language.

Since its establishment in 2015, pro science has been committed to improving the perception of Polish science and academic activities. Poland is home to world-class researchers and excellent research institutions, but they often remain unrecognised in a wider world. At the same time, access to information contributes to both increased innovation and social progress.

In the academic world, we help initiate and grow better communication that fosters science as it remains embedded in the society and economy. In business, we connect companies with cutting-edge research and science.


Over the past 7 years we have worked with over 100 clients. With each new project we also strive to connect them with one another.


Our portfolio comprises dozens of references demonstrating our effectiveness and openness.


We recognise the uniqueness of academia and the R&D sector. We build our commitments on this recognition.

Thought partner

We understand the worlds of science and R&D. We contribute our communications know-how and our expertise to projects.

Broad perspective

We see the world as researchers and we speak the language of business.


90% of our projects come to us from referrals or are returning clients.


We have built a network of partnerships in the academic and R&D communities. Together, we are a constellation of dozens of institutions and organizations in these sectors.


We speak for and on behalf of science communication. Our founder is a highly-regarded expert in this field.


We remain absolutely committed to the veracity of our sources and strive to shape public debates.


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We are a close-knit team of specialists working to foster dialogue between science, business, and society. Our clients see us as true experts and thought partners.

Our team consists of a core group, which is supported by graphic designers, video content creators, proofreaders, and translators. We also work with experienced media and academic experts.

Natalia Osica


Natalia has a 12-year track record of working with scientists and academic institutions. Trained as a mediator, she acquired her PR skills in the business world. Task-oriented, according to the Gallup engagement survey, she is a mentor and enthusiast of ideas. She loves the big picture.

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