About us

pro science is the first PR agency in Poland that is dedicated to working with the science, R&D, and education communities. We operate in the space where science, business and society meets because our aim is for these sectors to have increasingly more dialogue with each other. The development of innovation in Poland, Europe and the world depends on this. We believe that by initiating dialogue between science, economy, and society we can effect change.

We are focused on improving the perception of Polish science. Poland has a raft of talented researchers and excellent scientific institutions but they are not well known. At the same time, the accessibility and availability of information is now translating into an increase in the number of implemented innovations and social development.

Our goal is to bring value to the academic world – better communication that develops science. We provide companies with out-of-the-box thinking and original solutions.


Over the past 6 years we have completed projects for about 100 clients. We strive to connect them on a project-by-project basis.


We have dozens of references that confirm our effectiveness and openness for action.


We understand the specificity of the academic world and R&D sector and we are able to fine-tune the selection of the best projects.

Thought partner

We understand the specificity of the world of science and R&D. We contribute both our communication know-how and our expertise to projects.

Broad perspective

Although we represent the point of view of the world of science, we speak the language of business.


90% of our clients have come from recommendations.


We have built a network of partnerships in the academic and R&D community. Dozens of organizations in this sector are in our orbit.


We speak for and on behalf of science communication and our founder is a highly-regarded expert in this field.


We pay great attention to every word that is written, spoken, or communicated and all sources of information. We impact the public debate.


We are a close-knit team of specialists working to initiate dialogue between science, business, and society, and our clients see us as true experts and thought partners.

Our team consists of a core group which is augmented by specialists entrusted with specific tasks, such as the production of graphics, video content, translations, as well as proven and experienced experts from the media market and the academic world, whom we invite to participate in projects.

Natalia Osica


A mediator by profession, Natalia has been working with scientists and for science institutions for over 12 years. She gained experience in PR while working in the business world. According to Gallup Strengths, she is an achiever, a developer and an ideas person. She likes to see the big picture.

Joanna Łazarewicz


Joanna has been responsible for taking care of the image of businesses whilst taking into account their responsibility towards society and the environment.

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