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phot. Michael Longmire

660 million euros for Poland in the Horizon 2020 programme

We prepared an information campaign to summarise the activities of Polish participants in Horizon 2020, the 8th EU framework programme for research. Our task was to propose which data to showcase and what the takeaway message would be.

We had worked with the client before, so this was a connection based on trust. We developed a media campaign, including its graphic design, and curated a number of LinkedIn posts. We engaged a dozen experts in the project: the client’s representatives as well as experts from academia and industry, including the National Centre for Nuclear Research in Świerk, the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, and companies such as Mostostal Warszawa, SDS Optics, Uvera, and FundingBox.

During the data collection phase, we determined that, by the end of the framework programme, the number of Polish participants in the programme increased by half. Between 2007 and 2013, the previous framework programme had attracted 547 Polish recipients. Horizon 2020 had a total of 832 beneficiaries from Poland. The lion’s share of that funding was awarded to research institutes and universities (ca. 372 million euros).

During the campaign, we also emphasized Poland’s accomplishments in the field of space technology. The Polish Space Agency (POLSA) obtained nearly half of the total funding that was allocated to Poland for the development of this sector. The winning projects focused on surveillance and tracking of space objects, safe governmental satellite communications, and space robotic technologies. Elsewhere, PIAP Space secured over 1 million euros for the development of a prototype of satellite capture technology.

We specialise in public relations for universities, research institutes, and R&D companies. We are also experts in EU framework programmes.


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