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Science in Warsaw: Young Scientists Co-creating the Capital

The City of Warsaw is funding a scholarship programme for doctoral students who plan to engage in research topics associated with Warsaw. We welcomed an opportunity to support the project as a consultant for the Warsaw City Hall staff and ran a workshop for students.

Five doctoral students were the recipients of the first edition of the scholarship and received funding and support for their projects for the following year. The results of their research, new solutions and pathways for the city systems, were then incorporated in the City of Warsaw’s ongoing projects. Thanks to the close cooperation between the city hall staff and young scientists, new urban solutions are underway, benefitting those living in the city.


The scholarship winners analysed:

  • how voting methods can impact results in the Warsaw participatory budget, an annual vote for community projects by Warsaw residents
  • how annually-updated aerial photos can help design a 3D map of Warsaw
  • how the city is involved in fostering mental health of children and young adults
  • how to support Warsaw’s circular economy
  • what type of activities have the best impact on the physical and mental wellbeing of older residents.


At pro science, we supported the City of Warsaw in designing the communications strategy of the scholarship, which needed to meet the needs of different stakeholders, including:

  • potential scholarship winners and academia in general
  • City of Warsaw staff who work with scientists
  • Warsaw residents who benefit most from the programme.

It was our job to help the scholarship winners to effectively communicate their research. The City of Warsaw’s Centre for Social Communication tasked us with conducting individual consultations and organising a communications skills workshop.

We also prepared communications materials – samples of press releases, a video script about the first edition of the programme, as well as key visuals. Our video script was used by Rafał Trzaskowski, the Mayor of Warsaw, in his Facebook post:  https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=217366106489615.

As a PR agency specialising in the academic sector, we knew how to communicate with doctoral students to help them acquire better presentation skills.

More about project: https://stypendia.um.warszawa.pl/programy-stypendialne/4.

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