We build partnerships between business and academia

to reach students, instructors, and researchers

Science, innovation, and education are our daily business

to nurture relationships and connections that really matter

We specialise in science and technology

to transform our one-of-the-kind thinking into assets

Our partners


HR, CSR, and communication departments

R&D companies

innovation-oriented organizations

Our services

employer branding

we create educational and academic programs that enhance employers’ brands

internal communication

we forge strategies and create motivational and educational employee programmes involving scientists and external experts

CSR campaigns

we design social campaigns and programmes to demonstrate companies’ social commitment and responsibility

science relations

we build academic communities around brands

corporate PR

we manage corporate image with expert knowledge, know-how, and market insights

media relations

we work with national, local, and specialist journalists across all media channels

social media

we mobilise social platforms to build online presence around knowledge and insights


we organise events from inception to speaker recruitment to promotion

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