We work to increase the role of science in the world

To boost its socio-economic impact

We build the image of scientific institutions

To improve their effectiveness through increased visibility in the media

We understand the academic world

To bring together university management staff and scientists

We work for


scientific and research institutions

scientific teams

organisations working for the development of science

Services we provide

communication strategies

we create information policies, taking into account internal and external stakeholders

communication audits

we analyse market trends, conduct stakeholder mapping, and assess communication activities

social impact

we reach desired target groups, initiate and implement socio-economic impact projects


we publicise scientific projects, research results and conferences reaching desired target groups

press office

we cooperate with journalists, positioning scientists and educators in the public domain, publicising the activities of scientific institutions

social media

we build communities in the social media based on scientific expertise and knowledge


we provide short- and long-term support for academic management teams for boosting internal and external communication

mentoring and training

we create tailor-made training programmes for press services and science communicators

How to promote a research grant (video)

As part of our mission, we create educational materials for researchers (automatic English subtitles available)

"The art of promoting science" (download the e-book)

Our founder Natalia Osica is co-author of a handbook for scientists published by the National Information Processing Institute – PIB (in Polish)

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